• Handmade Cellulose Acetate frame.
  • Hight Quality Italian Joints (wire core, screws, hinges).
  • Lenses Made in France labeled "French Origin Guaranteed".
  • Vegan Leather Case.
  • Lens Cloth made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Handmade recycled paper box.

    FRONT LENGTH: 140 mm

    LENS SIZE: 49 mm

    NOSE SIZE: 23 mm

    TEMPLE LENGTH: 143 mm



  • we donate 10% of our profits to the organizations we love.
  • you can choose to donate 10€ while shopping on our website.
  • we match your donation.
  • = One gift, triple impact !


    Donations will go to Care for Wild, the rhino sanctuary.


RHINO 02 Off-Road

  • For SINGLE VISION and MULTIFOCAL, your prescription is required

    We will contact you shortly to ask you for a copy of your prescription or you can send it to lenses@thewildfolks.com


    High Quality Prescription lenses Made in Paris for you.

    Our Lenses are Scratch-resistant (to protect from scratching)

    and Anti-reflective (to reduce reflective glare)


    SINGLE VISION lenses corrects one field of vision (near, intermediate or distance)

    MULTIFOCAL (Progressives) lenses corrects near, intermediate and distance fields of vision in one lens so you don't have to switch between multiple pairs.